Hi, I'm Liz!

Thanks for dropping by, My aim on this site is to share with you the passion of working with words; of helping them find each other, to come together in just the right way for opening portals to our inner and outer worlds.

Fragments of the human condition …

Captured for a moment in a poem. The mundane imbued with transcendence; the sublime absorbed through playful practicality; the pleasures of aesthetical closure wrestling with the urgency of bold enquiry; the itching for understanding and a longing for the unspoken.

These are the fires that burn at the heart of my poetry writing. Moon Musings unapologetically recovers a certain naivety where no topic is out of bounds.

Elizabeth Challinor

Borders, boundaries and power …

Constitutional to the underlying focus of my academic work with migrants and refugees in Portugal.

Researching their life experiences, aspirations and strategies opens a privileged and humbling portal to wider worlds.

Elizabeth Challinor

Empathetic engagement is a likely outcome …

There are so many causes and projects to engage with and some cross our paths in the most unexpected ways. Such is the case with the subject of the stolen babies of Spain.

Birth constitutes the first defining moment of the human condition and for a woman to unknowingly entrust this essential event to people who will betray her at the peak of her power and vulnerability is a subject most worthy of our attention.

Elizabeth Challinor