A Bench in the Park

A Bench in the Park

by Elizabeth Challinor

Living apart together

Living together apart

Living together together


Satisfied her restless heart

Distance produced indifference

And bouts of neediness too

Let's stay together forever!

Proximity was cosy

And like swimming in a bowl of glue

So she took her heart to the park

and sat it down on a bench

What do you want to do?

A dog trotted past

Followed by a skipping child

and a man

slowly trailing a leash

Were they moving apart together?

Or moving together apart?

She turned to ask her heart

To find the eyes of her soul on the bench

Your heart has gone for a little walk

Its time for you and me

To talk

No words

An ocean

of scintillating space

A dance floor

In the cosmos

A beaming face

Elizabeth Challinor