A Child's Nightmare

A Child's Nightmare

by Elizabeth Challinor


In the middle of empty infinite space

Large numbers flowing incessantly towards me

What was I supposed to do?

Petrifying panic

My whole existence at stake

The only cure

When I woke up

Crawling into my sister's bed

Lying at her sleeping feet

The comfort of human contact

Finally bringing peace

A recurring nightmare into early adulthood

(Sorry Aunty!)

I never understood

And just let it be

Grateful it had receded into memory

Until today

The nightmare returned

Described in the pages of a book

Inner objects flowing towards you

Which do you choose to grasp on to?

As the building of the psyche

Saying I should simply bear witness


Allow everything to flow through

Including panic and fear

Stop grasping


Let go

Of false solidity

Feel the space behind me

And bask

In expanding being...

This poem may finish here

But inner objects will continue to flow

Inspired in the book "The Untethered Soul: the Journey Beyond Yourself" by Michael Singer.

Elizabeth Challinor