Farewell Stale Air!

Farewell Stale Air!

by Elizabeth Challinor

What If?

Came tapping

Gently on the door

Not too hard to ignore

She turned up the volume

And watched

Other people's news



What If?

Tiptoed sulkily away


Came Regret

Banging its fists

The door began to shake

Would the lock hold out?

What should she do?

Where should she go?

There was no escape

She lived on the third floor!

Too shocked to shout

She opened the window

An army of fresh air

Invaded the room

Her nostrils flared

In anticipation

The banging became louder

She took a deep breath

And let go...

Her body began to sway

To the beat

Of Regret's inevitable defeat

And when the banging

Eventually ceased

She took her body

To the window

Once more

Stretched out the branches of her hands


And pulled in the moon

Dedicated to and inspired in the words of Ruba Salih

Elizabeth Challinor