It was chucking it down

It was chucking it down

by Elizabeth Challinor

It was chucking it down

The day I chucked in my job

My boss is such a snob!

I stopped by at the pub

To get out of the rain

Drank a pint too many

Chucked up at the bar

Got chucked off the bus

On my way home

Found a letter in the hallway

My girlfriend had chucked me

Couldn't cope with living together, apart

Called it a farce

I chucked the letter in the bin

And my soaking wet clothes in the wash

Mum came in

You alright, Chuck?

I guess I looked grim

Looking out of the window

In my underpants

I got caught in the rain

It's chucking it down!

I know

I've gotta pick up your dad in the car

Chuck me the keys, will you

Where are they?

They're there in that jar

By the magazines

I've told you before

One of these days

I'm gonna chuck 'em all out

Don't start mum

My head hurts

You been drinking more stout?

You be careful now

They'll chuck you out of your job again

Dad's ringing

I know!

You better go

Who do you think I am?

After I heard the front door slam

I turned up the heating

Picked up a magazine

Sat down on the sofa

Half an hour later

Dad came dripping through the door

Where's your mum?

Didn't she pick you up?

What does it look like?

Looks like she's chucked you too

His face went pink

Come on, let's have a drink

Dad snorted

And disappeared upstairs

That was the day

Mum went away

Never to return

I saw a video of her once on Instagram


For Sriram 😂

Elizabeth Challinor