Jessica's Words

Jessica's Words

by Elizabeth Challinor

What do you mean?

Why do you think that?

They stopped to think

Actually, I don’t

They weren't my thoughts at all

In fact they were Jessica's words, to be precise

They suddenly felt stupid, small

I swallowed them hook, line and sinker without even thinking twice

So began a shocking journey of discovery

None of their words were their own

Not a single one

Time to invent a new language

Have some fun

Blasigr hfgtu jfgrtu dhjutr hftu

But they were talking to themselves

Not a soul understood

Feeling lonely and cold

They decided to go for a jog in the park

The sound of children playing and a dog bark

Filled their veins with hope

Neither children nor dog seemed to care

Releasing their energy into the fresh air

If the words or barks were truly their own

Back at home

They took the dictionary down from the shelf

The heavy volume began to tremble in their hands

Nobody consults me anymore

Why do I even bother to store all these words?

But you are their faithful guardian

No, it's time to let them go

The dictionary began to weep

Its tears smudging all the ink

Put me away

Go, find the meanings for yourself

And don't ever presume

That a spoon is a spoon

Elizabeth Challinor