My Silly Silly Self

My Silly Silly Self

by Elizabeth Challinor

I was asleep

Totally asleep

Such a deep sleep...

Then slowly I realized

I was sleeping

What should I do?

I started sleep walking

And sleep talking

Until I fell

Into a deep dark well

Engulfed in my own pain

A nightmare of my own making

Heart aching

I returned to sleeping

Although a part of me was now peeping

At the possibility of waking up

Like looking at a distant star

I started breathing

You know

Those long deep breaths

That empty out the lungs

And discovered little moments of waking

Everything felt




I started walking

With lips on the soles of my shoes

Until I tripped up


And fell

But at least I could look up

From inside the dark well

And see the stars


Wherever I am

I know

It will pass

I'll wake up

Fall asleep

And wake up once more

And laugh

Long and hard

At my silly silly self

Happy 2023 everybody!

Elizabeth Challinor