Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunset

by Elizabeth Challinor

How do you self-regulate?

Asks the therapist with such a serious face

My mind goes blank

How am I supposed to know

Isn't that why I'm here?

Then I remember

Recipes that circulate

In the hemispheres

Of our digital minds

Count to ten before responding

Protect yourself in an invisible cloak of light

Watch yourself


Practice meditation


Your favourite series

Seek the doctor for medication

But I stay silent

I would have liked to have said

I switch off the button

At the back of my head

Only it got stuck

I'm sinking in the quick sand of my emotions

Well, sometimes I...

I'm not sure...

A silent smile

It's okay

Says the therapist

There are some tools...

For the moment

Allow yourself to sink...

Can she read my mind?

Into your bubbling bath

Close your eyes

And drink a cocktail

Forget margaritas, mojitos and pina coladas

Tequila sunrise

Sex on the beach

The cocktail is yours

An original flavour

For you to savour

Without commentary

Or judgement

Just accept

Don't repress or reject your feelings

For they make up

The raw ingredients of our regimented lives

Elizabeth Challinor