Thanks Grandpa!

Thanks Grandpa!

by Elizabeth Challinor

I need to see a psychologist

No you don’t!

There’s no harm in asking for help.

I agree.

He took a puff on his pipe

I waited.

I knew the ropes

He chuckled

Grandpa could be so irritating sometimes

You just need a sieve

A what?

You can ask your grandma

She might have a spare one in the kitchen

And what would I do with that?

I asked and stretched out my arm to stroke the cat

You have a point, he replied

You’d be better off with something smaller

I sat patiently

Appreciating the sparkle in his eyes

What’s it called?

You know to catch…

That’s not the right word

To strain

A tea strainer?


Pop it into your brain

Catch your thoughts

Before they spread

Then you get to decide

What stays in your head

Elizabeth Challinor