The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry

by Elizabeth Challinor

The doctor prescribes pills - statins - to make my liver produce less cholesterol so my veins don't get clogged up with all that fat, my blood can flow freely and I don’t get a heart attack. I eat relatively healthily; it's genetic says the doctor. My liver produces too much cholesterol. I swallow the pills, get my blood tested now and again to keep a check on my cholesterol levels and liver function. Should I forget, my employer sends me to the doctor once a year too. It's obligatory, due to those abstractions called laws. So, as long as I am employed, my veins should not get clogged up.

While I'm employed, will the pharmaceutical industry ever work on producing pills for an over productive heart and clogged up passions? Will the doctor prescribe dancing in the forest?

I doubt it...

Luckily, not only do I dance

The forest dances in me

Elizabeth Challinor