The shouting match

The shouting match

by Elizabeth Challinor

The car swerves to the right

The driver honking on the horn 

For the old man in sunglasses to get out of the way

He parks next to the narrow pavement 

The old man walks on 

Then, as if having second thoughts 

Looks back in indignation, calling out in protest

I was on the pavement!

The young driver shouts out through the car window

This is not the pavement!

Yes it is!

Take off you glasses

And so, the shouting match begins

Of course, the young man wins

Technically, it was not the pavement

The old man shrugs his shoulders, walks on

The real question 

Not only left unanswered

But not even asked

Why does driving a car give you the authority to treat anybody like that?

Elizabeth Challinor