Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

by Elizabeth Challinor

We seize the moment

Before the light turns

Striding boldly across the road

In defiance of approaching cars

The little figure turns green

Beckoning us to the other side

We arrive

Feet confident on the pavement


An automatic reaction

A few seconds ahead of the game

Then we procrastinate


Take pleasure

In stolen moments of leisure

And get on with the task

Check emails

Write in diaries

Make phone calls

Think and plan ahead

With anticipation and dread

And get on with the task

A fleeting memory interrupts

Bringing joy or pain

We push it away

And get on with the task

Until we find ourselves

At the traffic lights once more

Waiting to seize those extra seconds again

Until one day

A little voice inside

Whispers what difference does it make?

None we reply

But that's not the point

As we defy approaching cars

Refusing to feel restrained

Elizabeth Challinor