Welcome to my Covid Voice

Welcome to my Covid Voice

by Elizabeth Challinor

Staying confined

Is driving me out of my mind

Out of my thoughts

Into my repetitive surroundings

The chair

The picture

The kitchen sink

The loo


The chair

The attempt

To read

To write

A covid masterpiece?

The line was thick dark red

I may be a super-spreader

I start croaking ABBA

Feeling like a number numb

Let's be honest

When the symptoms aren't too strong

There's always space

For a bit of fun

Between the viral intervals

To choose a jolly song

And sing along

Without a care

Until covid hits

With its implacable whip

And the body sinks back into bed

And the mind switches off

Like a lamp

I've surrendered to the symptoms again

Covid has scored one more

But you just wait

Mister 19

The health keeping troops are gathering inside my veins

For the call at dawn

When all heaven will be let loose!

Elizabeth Challinor