Yes! It hurt like hell

Yes! It hurt like hell

by Elizabeth Challinor

Who says it's too late to learn to skate at 58?

I wore protection

And felt the thrill of rolling carefree across the ground

Of course I fell

And yes, it hurt like hell

But I embraced the pain as it passed through me

Who says you can't learn to climb when you're nearly 59?

Your body shows you how to trust in the Everest of your mind

Climb out of the box of your supposed limitations

Come back down, let your feet go and trust in the rope

Nope, that part wasn't easy

But the encouragement of a friend

Helped me make amends with my fears

I let go


Felt my body swing in the air without a care

Bumped a bit as I came down

Landed on the solid ground

And my mind opened like a parachute

Elizabeth Challinor