You Again

You Again

by Elizabeth Challinor

I've just bumped into a lamp post


Why is it always me

Who has to move out of the way?

This time

I'm going to stay


I look up

To try to catch the lamp post's eye

But it's too high

So I take ten steps backwards

And look up again

Still too near

I take ten steps more


And look up

I refuse to be ignored

But my neck feels sore

So I move back a little more


I've bumped into a lamp post


Why didn't this one get out of my way?

This really isn't fair

Or funny anymore

I'm not even thinking about me

It's just not enough

To light up the street

And glare aimlessly into the night

We need lamp posts with feet

Lamp posts that care

Will do something

I'm going to complain

To the local council


Elizabeth Challinor