The Day you Let me Down

The Day you Let me Down

by Elizabeth Challinor

I trained you well

Actually, it began before

I knew what to do

I was trained to restrain you

And you to comply

Until eventually

I became your master

You, the instrument of my desires

Not always

Sometimes you sulked

How can you do this to me?

I would cry

Usually, I managed to coax you back on track

Until that day

You let me down

You showed up in such a different way

I was shocked

I had no idea what to do

I knew

You could no longer play

I became your hostage

You, my burden

Forced to face your needs

I told my self to calm down

And slowly began to perceive

The intricacies of your existence

I became curious

You, singularly expressive


I no longer say

My body has let me down

I listen to your music

And we converse

Inspired in Sally Gadow: “Body and Self: A Dialectic.” Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 5, no. 3 (1980): 172-185.

Elizabeth Challinor